Hack Your Taste Buds with Temperature

You’re at the store, looking for something refreshing to drink after a hot day. You’d probably head to the cooler first, for something chilled to quench your thirst. What if your only option was a room temperature drink instead? Does the temperature of a drink or food make a difference with how we perceive its taste and flavor? Here’s a short activity to try that will get you thinking about whether temperature has the ability to “hack your taste buds.”

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Hack Your Taste Buds with Toothpaste

Ever been in this situation? You’re ready to head out the door—teeth brushed, hair styled, favorite clothes on, but grab one last swig of o.j. on your way. If you’re like most people, your first reaction will be “Yuck!” Your taste buds have just fallen victim to the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate. What’s going on?

Try this activity and then learn more about the chemistry behind it.

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