X-Beauty: Green Chemistry Campaign

Korea International School, Jeju ChemClub

Greetings from ChemClub at Korea International School in Jeju, South Korea! Our ChemClub was created more than a year ago, but this is the first time sharing our news.

X-Beauty: Green Chemistry was the focus of an event on November 19, 2014. Our Club invited a certified cosmetician to speak to the group about “Jeju Green Tea: Healing & Beauty Ingredients.” After learning about Jeju green tea as an ingredient, students made their own green tea hand cream with eco-friendly ingredients.

Why green tea?

Components of green tea include polyphenols, which are well-known antioxidants. Most of these polyphenols are classified as catechins. They are thought to help retard skin’s aging and protect skin from sun exposure. Green tea has been used as an ingredient in anti-aging products as well as sunscreen skin products.

Make your own!

The ingredients and directions we used for the hand cream are below.

Ingredient Amount (makes 80 g)
Green tea oil 6 g
Olive oil (organic) 15 g
Vitamin E 1 g
Cetearyl olivate (or sorbitan olivate) 2.3 g
Cetyl alcohol 0.5 g
Water 30 g
Jeju green tea hydrosol 20 g
Glycerin 2 g
Ceramide 2 g
Rose geranium essential oil 5 drops
Naturotics 2 g


  1. Clean and sterilize instruments and containers.
  2. Measure green tea oil, olive oil, vitamin E, cetearyl olivate, and cetyl alcohol into beaker A.
  3. Measure water and Jeju green tea hydrosol into beaker B.
  4. Heat beaker B on a hot plate to 70–75 degrees C.
  5. Heat beaker A on a hot plate to 70–75 degrees C.
  6. When both beakers A and B reach 70–75 degrees, pour contents of beaker B into beaker A to emulsify.
  7. When the temperature of mixture decreases to 50 degrees C, add glycerin, ceramide, rose geranium essential oil, Naturotics and stir well.
  8. Pour contents into sterilized containers.


When stirring ingredients, it is suggested to stir with consistent motion in one direction.

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