Katy High School Raises Over $2000 for Coins for Cleaner Water

When the Katy High School Science Olympiad/ChemClub decided to participate in the ACS Coins for Cleaner Water project our first goal was to achieve higher than the $10 average that would be needed by all clubs to raise the $5000. We have, at our school, had successful drives in the past, but the most successful have always involved a prize. So we made it a contest in the science department. Our hope was to raise about $700 – $800.

Students in the club prepared recycled water and soft drink bottles by decorating them with each teacher’s name and class period. We then sent out an explanation to the science teachers about 4 days before the drive began. Bottles were delivered Friday afternoon and Monday morning before the drive began. We sent out a 2nd email to the teachers with a script to read and a link to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Foundation video, so they could share it with their students. The drive was for one week only; some teachers passed the bottles every day, some displayed them in a highly visible location we left it up to the individual teachers.

At the end of the week, we collected the bottles and counted the coins and bills, keeping track of each class. It was messy, dirty, and heavy. One student actually borrowed a cart from the library to move the bottles because he had so much to carry – kudos for common sense!

The class with the largest individual collection brought in $284 and they, of course, won the prize which is a dry ice demo show. We were very excited and proud to send our check for $2,223. A teacher was absent and $26 wasn’t included in the check.

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