Share Your Success Story


Each phrase in the Wordle image above represents a success story. A favorite activity. Chemistry excitement connected to some ChemClub, somewhere.

  • What caught your eye?
  • What do you want to hear more about?
  • What do you want to try yourself, maybe with your own ChemClub?

In the ChemClub annual survey for this past school year, advisors and students were asked to share the activities that were most successful and their favorites. Highlights from those answers are collected in the image above.

Reading through the collected survey answers each year is always fun and a bit tantalizing. By necessity, the descriptions are brief. But they make us want to know more.

For me, one example was “Making BREAKING BAD candy.” Recipe, please!

Another was “Made ‘robot’ sculptures from recycled material.” Photos, please!

It’s great for ChemClub staff to have this feedback in the survey. It can help show if particular activities from the resource packets that we send were super popular among Clubs. It also gives us ideas for future resources to develop and share. And, we love to get this small taste of your Club—what type of stuff your members loved to do during the year.

Looking for an even wider audience to share your success stories and favorites? Look no further. You’re here! The ACS ChemClub Happenings blog needs your story. Advisors and students are encouraged to send their potential blog posts and photos to We even have tips to help get you started.

What’s your success story?

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