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Students with water bottles

East Syracuse-Minoa ChemClub raises money for the Coins for Cleaner Water campaign.


Water. We can’t survive without it, yet something that we take for granted is the difference between life and death in many African countries.

The East Syracuse-Minoa (ESM) ChemClub is taking an active role in trying to make a difference, one liter at a time. Their goal is to raise money and awareness for water. The club, advised by chemistry teachers Katherine Mittiga and Sally Mitchell, has already raised $100 for the cause.

“We are planning on collecting loose change from students in a jar in my room. We are thinking about a fundraiser selling glass water bottles, while trying to make people aware of our precious water supply,” said Mitchell.

One of ESM’s recent water projects was an Otisco Lake clean-up in October. Students took water samples for testing and cleaned a section of the lakeshore. “The theme for our upcoming Earth Day events is water,” explained Mitchell. “Our students are preparing a PSA about cleaner water which will be on YouTube.”

The ESM ChemClub has reached out to help new clubs, such as Bishop Ludden High School ChemClub, to get them involved. The Bishop Ludden ChemClub is considering getting in on the action and raising money by having a dress-down day, where students pay one dollar to wear something other than their uniform. Bishop Ludden has also joined the ESM ChemClub in events including Spooktacular, a canned food drive to aid Food Bank of Central New York, “Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science” at Destiny USA to celebrate National Chemistry Week, and a Tour of the CNY Biotech Center.

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