21st Century Science: STEM Careers of the Future

Career Fair

The 21st Century Science: STEM Careers of the Future and The Annual Career Fair exposed students from Ware Shoals High School and Greenwood School District 51, SC, to the multitude of career options in STEM, ACS, Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and provide valuable insight into the educational and vocational pathways they would need to pursue to obtain a career in their fields of interest.


The ChemClub also participated in a Nanotechnology presentation and discussion that introduced students, teachers and administrators in the amazing world of nanoscience and technology. Students conduced a series of nanotechnology activities studying superhydrophobic coatings. A superhydrophobic coating is a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water. Superhydrophobicity can be observed when a droplet of water is place on a lotus leaf. The appropriate balance between cohesive and adhesive forces and nanostructuring results in an almost spherical drop of water standing on a surface. Students were guided through a hands-on nanotechnology experiment to evaluate all the forces acting on the surface/liquid system and identify hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and superhydrophilic effects.

These events were led by ACS ChemClub Advisor, Dr. Simona Hunyadi Murph, a Principal Scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory and an adjunct professor at the University of Georgia.

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