A BIG NCW Celebration!

The Stuttgart High School chapter in Stuttgart, Arkansas celebrated National Chemistry Week with a wow! The AP chemistry students created a life-size periodic table of cupcakes that was enjoyed the entire week. The students also celebrated NCW at the local elementary school in Stuttgart by presenting 20 minutes of chemical demonstrations to each of the six 3rd grade classes. The students wowed the 3rd graders with different demos they worked on. The ChemClub students finished each session with a big finale of elephant’s toothpaste in a carved pumpkin. This turned out to be everyone’s favorite!big-periodic-table

More recently, Stuttgart High School ChemClubbers completed a wall-sized periodic table. Students completed individual posters for each chemical element and then collected them in a mural decorating one of the school hallways. Other students in the school are showing a great deal of respect for the amount of work the Club put into the effort and the periodic table has remained untouched after being in the hallway for some time. And who knows, all this monumental effort may just spark some interest in chemistry in all the students of Stuttgart High!

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