A New Flame

ACS recently announced the release of  two new videos they hope you will find perfect for sharing with your students or other teachers. One celebrates the contributions of African-American chemists and the other gives little-known chemistry solutions to everyday problems.


  •  Chemistry Life Hacks: One part Mendeleev, one part MacGyver, this video shows how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, clean stubborn skillets, and solve other dilemmas.  Click “subscribe” and you’ll have a new episode of the award-winning video series Reactions (formerly Bytesize Science) to share with students each week.

  • Five Black Chemists Who Changed the World: Features contributions of Percy Julian, Mae Jemison and three other notable African American chemists.  It was co-produced for Black History Month by ACS and the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE).

  • Another great resource is the 2014 Flame Challenge, inspired by Alan Alda and co-sponsored by ACS.  The Flame Challenge dares scientists to answer a fundamental question about the world around us in a way that 11-year-olds can understand. This year’s question was “What is color?” Entries—written or video—were screened for accuracy by scientists and judged by a panel of youngsters. The contest for 2014 closed at the beginning of March, but if you click on the Flame Challenge link above it takes you to the ACS site to see examples of some of the winning entries.  The videos could be used directly with your class, with younger students or as an inspiration for videos your students may want to create.

Stay tuned for the results of the 2014 Flame Challenge winners.

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