A Spongebob Outreach Program

The Edison School Visit was a great experience not only for us chem clubbers, but also for the fourth graders.  We got to give back to the communityour community that gave us the great opportunity to be involved in science and explore it even more in chemistry club.  One of the best things this annual trip does is open the eyes of the fourth graders to the endless possibilities in the science field, especially chemistry.  It allows them to experience the fun and mysterious chemistry that most people don’t hear about and get themselves into a positive mindset of science in general.  After our activity, one of the kids actually came up to me and told me that we inspired her to join ChemClub when she goes to high school.

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Spongebob from Niles West

We prepared a mystery for the little fourth grade detectives to solve involving Spongebob.  The detectives, then, tested four white powders with four “indicators”, and compared their observations to the one mystery white powder to see who committed the crime!  They enjoyed it so much not only because of the theme but also because of the chemistry in it.  They were especially amazed at the bubbling reactions, and the reactions that turned the white powders pink.  The eagerness of the kids as they prepared the chemicals, the faces of the kids as they saw their first chemical reaction, and the astonishment of the kids as they saw the simple rules of chemistry play out in front of them are all worthwhile reasons to keep this activity going!

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