ChemClub Cookbook

We are proud to announce the arrival of The ACS ChemClub Cookbook.

The cookbook will be available on the ACS Store (, and chartered ChemClubs may purchase the cookbook at $8/per copy by using a promo code.

Please contact:, for the code.

Thank you to following clubs that participated, by sending in recipes, pictures, and cover designs:

  • Auburndale High School
  • Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
  • Cheyenne Mountain High School
  • Donna High School
  • East Syracuse-Minoa High School
  • Enrico Fermi High School
  • Escuela San Germán Interamericana
  • Lakeland High School
  • Magnificat High School
  • Mazur Home School
  • Niles West High School
  • North Raleigh Christian Academy
  • Springbrook High School
  • St. Mary’s Jr./Sr. High School
  • Stanford Online High School
  • Tewksbury Memorial High School
  • Toombs County High School
  • University High School of Indiana
  • Valley Central High School
  • Vineland High School South
  • Young Men’s Preparatory Academy

Winning ChemClub Cookbook Design

Thank you to all of you who voted for your favorite cover design on Facebook.

Congratulations to Toombs County High school for creating the winning design.  See the original design below, and the final product above.

Original ChemClub Cookbook Design

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