ChemClub Makes a Difference

Students showing how the P&G Water Purifier Packs Work
ChemClub Members demonstrate the cleaning properties of the P&GTM Purifier of Water


The Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart chapter of ChemClub joined the “Coins for Cleaner Water Initiative” and raised almost $500, towards the ACS ChemClub goal of $5,000, through a sale of “Periodic Table Cupcakes” at the annual Science Fair. 

Members of the ChemClub also set up a demonstration table to educate Science Fair participants, judges, and families to the global impact of unsafe water wherein water-borne diseases kill more children than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. The chemistry students demonstrated how one water purification packet changes deadly water into drinkable water.

The ChemClub demonstration of the purification packet showed how quickly dirty water can be purified. Club members filled a one-liter Erlenmeyer flask with pond water then sprinkled fine dirt from school grounds into the beaker. After adding the contents of the purification packet to the flask, they vigorously stirred the water. The contents of the packet acted like a magnet, coagulating the dirt and contaminants while simultaneously chlorinating the water. Fifteen minutes later, the floc sank to the bottom of the Erlenmeyer flask and the water looked clear. Club members then poured the disinfected water through a filter to make it available to drink.

The Newton Country Day ChemClub raised funds to provide the Cleaner Water Initiative 11,428 water purification packets which will clean 28,570 gallons of water, enough for fourteen families in developing nations to enjoy clean water and protective health benefits for a year.

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