Colors of Chemistry

(Part 3 of 4 - Photography Contest Entries)

Let us know which of these pictures from the ChemClub Photography Contest are your favorites. The photo with the most likes, comments, etc. will be the ChemClub Choice Award winner!

Colors of Chemistry

The pictures in this category show how chemistry contributes to colors of things in the world around you. Information about each entry is below the photo. When leaving a comment about a certain picture use the title found above the photo.


93 thoughts on “Colors of Chemistry

  1. Oh my Goood this picture <3 i just love iiiit and also the description because is so specific 😀 <3

  2. Colors of chemistry number #6 shows a perfect demo of the pH color change with difference of indicators using an Acid & a Base.

  3. ColorsofChemistry-3
    The explanation is really nice and the picture allows the spectator to understand better.

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