Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever wondered where the practice of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day originated? The custom dates back to 1680’s England with the Cadbury brothers who had previously invented the first chocolate candies. These two pioneering chocolatiers secured their place in Valentine’s Day lore with the inspired marketing idea of offering their signature chocolate assortments in decorative heart-shaped boxes to mark the holiday. So began an enduring tradition that blissfully continues on to this day.

Did you know that . . .

Chocolate is literally a blissful treat!

“A chemical known to make us happy when we eat chocolate is anandamide, so named because it means “bliss” in Sanskrit. Not only is it present in chocolate, but it is also produced by the brain and blocks out pain and depression. But when anandamide is produced by the brain, it is broken down quickly, so its effects don’t last. Researchers have shown that chemicals in chocolate may inhibit this natural breakdown of anandamide. This means that when you eat chocolate, anandamide molecules from chocolate stay in the body longer.”


(Haines, G.K. Chocolate: The New Health Food. Or Is It? ChemMatters, April 2009, pp 13-15.)


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