Martian Music

If you’ve been exploring the resources for The Martian Virtual Book Club, you’ll notice a section in the Pre-Reading Guide called Martian Music. We, the ChemClub staff – Erica, Michael and Karen, wanted to share our music picks about space, travel, and survival as inspiration. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration (& new music) in our choices while making your own list

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Erica’s Playlist

  1. Love 80s music, but would also love someone to call me on Mars. Really, anytime.
  2. Ultimate motivation song in any situation give it your all like Rocky Balboa.
  3. Even if it’s the end, I can be okay with that.
  4. They’ve got miles to go, but they’re on their way.
  5. Good road trip song. Sometimes you feel like you’re running on empty, but still need to make it.
  6. Cheesy, yes. But I’ll keep believing I can make it home!
  7. I can handle anything this planet throws at me.
  8. Sometimes, with bad times, there’s nothing left to do but dance.
  9. Keep your balance, whether you’re feeling high or low.
  10. Because in space, nobody can hear you vogue.


Michael’s Playlist

  1. What are the astronauts if not the ultimate travelers.
  2. This might be a theme when the going gets tough during the trip or on the surface of mars. Hopefully it will be listened to with good humor.
  3. I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door. Nuff said.
  4. This song has everything, from walking on air to not wanting to work here no more!
  5. For times when the travelers are perhaps a bit homesick.
  6. After 6-9 months in space, the astronauts will feel like theyve been everywhere.
  7. Another homeward looking song. Impossible to listen to without tapping your toe.
  8. Crooning at its all time best.
  9. No need to explain this one.
  10. Ditto


Karen’s Playlist

  1. Its true now that I’ve added Mars!
  2. No donuts on Mars 🙁 So I chose a song about them when I want my food to taste like donuts instead. Go Nuts for Donuts!
  3. Can you dance in zero gravity? I’m gonna try!
  4. When things go wrong, sometimes you just need to howl (or sing at the top of your lungs)!
  5. Classic song in punk to enjoy rocking out to when you need to remember what a wonderful world it is & a reminder of Earth.
  6. Cant help but smile when listening to this song. Need to have your go-to happy song the journey gets difficult.
  7. This song keeps me going, cause that’s what you need to survive.
  8. In less than 100 years, the space race has rocketed from 0 to far past the speed of sound and ships that have gone farther than ever. I’m in awe of how far we’ve come!
  9. Polynesian music to remind me of my family. Traveling from planet to planet shouldn’t be so different from exploring the oceans & islands, right?
  10. – 21. Going to miss all the seasons while on Mars; need to experience them through music. (If I have to only choose one season, listen to Winter and enjoy the idea of snow falling down around you.)

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