Nanotechnology: The Smallest Big Idea in Science

Billerica Memorial ChemClub
Billerica Memorial ChemClub
making slime
Making Slime!

Billerica Memorial High School ChemClub held a National Chemistry Week program at the local library for children.  They focused on nanotechnology, with their main demonstration being a nucleation experiment using different size particles of copper and iron.

There were 4 different activity stations for the kids to visit:

  • Making “snow” with hydrophilic polymers
  • Water disappering into a superabsorbent polymer
  • Magic Sand, why doesn’t it get wet?
  • Slime-Time

The kids also got a goody bag of treats to take home with them, including a copy of Celebrating Chemistry 2012, magic sand, slime, and NCW temporary tattoos and stickers.

student playing with snow polymer

“Very soft snow! . . . Wait, it isn’t wet! Why is this snow dry?”


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