Updating the Periodic Table of Moles for the International Year of the Periodic Table

UNESCO/IYPT LogoIts time for an update! The American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub program had its clubs create artwork for a 10th Anniversary ChemClub Periodic Table in 2015-16. Now there are even more elements and more Clubs! Help put together a new ChemClub Periodic Table poster for the 2019 International Year of The Periodic Table. Your Club can choose one element, then create a mole-themed design that relates to the element, such as a connection to the elements discovery, uses, history, properties or cultural identity.

Create with Your Club

Clubs can create artwork for one element that relate the mole to either the discovery, uses, history, properties or cultural identity of that element.

How will we create the ChemClub Periodic Table poster?

Periodic Table of Moles

    1. Choose the element that your club wants and register it here. Elements are available on a first come, first serve basis. Choose only one element if more than one is chosen, we will assign an element to you. We may allow you to make more than one element. Stay tuned!


  1. Use the Periodic Table of Moles template (with instructions included at the bottom of the page) as a guide when creating your artwork.Need help drawing a mole? Here are a couple of methods:

    You can also use a public domain mole like:

    Just remember to check the terms of use, in case there is a fee, you need permission to use, or need to give credit.

  2. Submit artwork and a short description of the art by December 20, 2018, to hschemclubs@acs.org or send hand drawn artwork to:
    Karen M. Kaleuati
    ACS - Education Division
    1155 Sixteenth St., NW
    Washington, DC 20036
  3. All completed tiles will be included in the Periodic Table, which will be printed and distributed by the end of the school year.

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