Close-up Chemistry

(Part 2 of 4 - Photography Contest Entries)

Let us know which of these pictures from the ChemClub Photography Contest are your favorites. The photo with the most likes, comments, etc. will be the ChemClub Choice Award winner!

Close-up Chemistry

The pictures in this category show a close-up view of chemistry. Information about each entry is below the photo. When leaving a comment about a certain picture use the title found above the photo.


28 thoughts on “Close-up Chemistry

  1. Amazing Close-Up to Chemistry! Sometimes people don’t realise that chemistry is (literally) always happening around us. While, this Close-Up shows that it’s great to take a break and enjoy chemistry “in the making.”

  2. I love the way you have portrayed the pictures!!! Nice gallery!!
    I foud it very funny how many things that are occuring in the pictures we don’t analyse. if we take our time to admire our surroundings we can see that chemistry take a whole in our life.

  3. CloseupChemistry-6
    The best picture in the whole category. Depicts a whole new perspective in the process of combustion in a very creative and artistic manner.

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