Pleasant View School’s 2015-2016 Activities

Our Pleasant View School ACS ChemClub has been very active this year. Our club activities are designed to help achieve our school’s goal in science to “foster an understanding and appreciation of the scientific method.” We were able to do this over the course of the year with a variety of activities, including hosting a Science Expo, and organizing field trips to help clean up the shores of the Mississippi river in Memphis, and a visit to our local wastewater treatment plant.

Science Expo

Last January, Pleasant View School’s ChemClub in Memphis, Tennessee, opened the gym to pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students to display their Science Expo. A variety of science experiments were laid out: dry ice bubbles, milk fireworks, and an explosive volcano to name just a few. You can try similar experiments yourself take a look at Boo Bubbles and Interactive Colors in Milk. The electric energy of excited students and creative projects helped ensure that chemistry remains a subject that will continue to attract students for years to come.

Mississippi River Cleanup Effort

On March 5th, 2016, Pleasant View School ChemClub headed downtown for the Memphis monthly riverside community clean up. Upon reaching the site of the cleanup, the ChemClub students were in a complete state of shock to see the millions of trash pieces washed up onto shore, damaging and affecting our environment.

It served to increase the sense of awareness among the students about the devastating damage that wast and pollution are causing to the great Mississippi River. It served to motivate the students to create recycling projects in our own school to help make our earth a better place to live.

Wastewater Management Treatment Plant Visit

Pleasant View School’s ChemClub also decided to organize a trip to visit the Wastewater Management Treatment Plant and learn the chemistry behind the scenes of what happens to the substances that go into our sewage systems. Our students are now thoroughly aware and understanding of the extensive chemical process that takes place at these Wastewater Management Treatment Plants. Furthermore, they have developed a profound respect for the people who choose to work at these plants to keep our city’s water clean and the people healthy.



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