Seminole HS ChemClub Off to a Colorful Start

Greetings, from the newly formed Chemistry Club at Seminole High School, Seminole, FL! We are all so excited about this club and have done so many fun things so far! We started our first meet and greet session by dyeing goggles that we wear every time we have an activity (at every monthly meeting). Not only are our chemistry students interested in being a pSeminole_4art of the club, but our enthusiasm is contagious, as underclassman who haven’t even had a chemistry class are involved too. We’ve done fun experiments such as testing solubility rules by making hot chocolate, separating polymer letters from m&m candies, and doing radial chromatography t-shirts.

We partnered with the Seminole HS Technology Students Association to screen print “Life is an experiment, test your hypothesis” onto our colorful chemistry shirts. Thanks again to Mr. Winsey and his chemistry/equipment lesson after school!

We are heading into February and having our 1st ever Chem Cook-off (major ingredient-chocolate). Five teams of five ChemClub members each are working together to create a chocolate dessert without knowing what type of chocolate they will be given. We are working with the cooking teacher, Mrs. Whitfield, in her kitchen. Each group has their own recipe and will bring in their own basic ingredients, along with their creative flair. We are really looking forward to tasting all the scrumptious desserts that result.

In March, we will be studying how art and chemistry are related and work together by watching awesome video clips on We are thinking about the nature of crystalline architecture as art.

In April, we will study the atmosphere and climate by doing the crushed can experiment and working with dry ice. We might possibly view a Bill Nye video on pressure.

In May, we are planning on talking about chemistry careers and having some University of Florida pharmacy students talk with the members.
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