The Top Ten Chemistry Videos of 2013

chemnews“Although it’s our mission at Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)  to describe in words the wonders of chemistry, sometimes words just don’t do justice to the dynamics of a particular reaction or funky new material.”  So starts C&EN associate editor Lauren Wolf’s post on The Top Ten Chemistry Videos of 2013.

This time of year we find newspapers and magazines full of end of the year ‘Best’ lists, from The Ten Best Movies and The Ten Best Books to  The Ten Most Irritating Celebrities of 2013.

Newscripts is a very popular feature of C&EN.  It can be found every week on the last page of each issue.  Newscripts features two or three stories that capture the less serious side of chemistry.  Stories range from molecular models that look like animals to how to put holograms on hard candy.

The editors who put together Newscripts put together their list of favorite science clips for 2013.  They inclue an a cappella parody of Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody explaining string theory to an ultra-slow motion investigation of the ‘barking dog’ reaction to the video below.

Although some of the videos might not be suitable for classroom use (Should you Pee in the Ocean?), most will make for an interesting and educational addition to your next ChemClub meeting.  Check out the list.