Chemistry, What Does It Matter?


The Children Have Experience with Chemistry (CHEC) ChemClub met for the third time on January 18 since its charter in September 2013. The group is made up of seven- to eleven-year-old students from six public and private schools located in Prince George’s and Charles Counties in Maryland. The name describes the focus of the club, for children to have experience with chemistry. The group was started by two parents who wanted a local STEM-type (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) club for their children. The club has expanded as students invite friends and additional parents get involved.

The group meets on the third or fourth Saturday of the month in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The first meeting topic was “Chemistry, What Does It Matter?” The student scientists ended the meeting by saying, “It Matters Everything Because Chemistry Is Matter.” During this meeting they also acted out the states of matter. The second meeting topic was “Exploring the Scientific Method.” If you imagine the curve on a question mark being a road, getting an answer or final statement is the period under the question mark. January’s meeting topic was an introduction to the periodic table.

We look forward to the years ahead with this group. We are interested in field trips to other ChemClub meetings and presentations from other area groups.