Creating Inspiring Leaders

Since there are many students who see chemistry as something difficult, boring, and of no relevance to their lives, our Central Visual Arts School ChemClub participated in projects to help motivate students to learn and inquire more about chemistry in the real world.



Festival de Quimica at Central Visual Arts School

Our school celebrated the Festival with different interactive activities and demonstrations to educate others about chemistry. These activities were carried out by our ChemClub students and the American Chemical Society Student Chapter at the University of Puerto Rico−Rio Piedras Campus (ACS UPR−RP). A poster contest was also conducted in our school to promote the Festival. This year’s theme was “Chemistry Colors our World.” The contest was beneficial to high school students because they could obtain another perspective of the field of chemistry, as they used their art abilities to show the chemistry behind color. Members of the ACS UPR−RP Student Chapter collaborated by serving as contest judges. They evaluated the posters, taking into account artistic and creative elements, chemistry and science content, and relevance of each design to the Festival theme.

Some of the presented posters are shown.




Festival de Quimica at El Paseo la Princesa

Our students also worked at the Festival de Quimica held at El Paseo la Princesa in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in October 2015 and April 2016. The October Festival had the National Chemistry Week theme “Chemistry Colors Our World” and the April Festival had the Chemists Celebrate Earth Day theme “Our Home’s Ecosystem.” It gave participants chances to explore how chemistry and other sciences are present in our lives.

Magic of Chemistry Shows

show_1Our ChemClub members worked hard to identify schools where they should conduct chemistry demonstration sh
ows, using materials from our everyday lives. The ACS UPR−RP Student Chapter helped us organize the shows and the demonstrations. The audiences were diverse, including students from elementary to high school levels. We also collected data about what the audiences thought about chemistry before and after the event, and whether they thought they would share chemistry with others.

These activities gave ChemClub students opportunities to develop their chemistry skills, become better leaders, and motivate other students to be part of the incredible world of chemistry. We thank the ACS ChemClub program for its support.


A Spectacular, Super, Science Show


On November 22nd, after two days of no sleep, plenty of bagels, and a few too many juice­boxes, we presented eight episodes of the Lakeville South High School Spectacular Science show. During the school day we presented to all 1,855 students in our school, followed by our 6:30pm grand finale in front of the Lakeville Community, Lakeville, Minn. Before the sun set, we had displayed the incredible power of chemistry to over 2,700 Lakevillians of all ages.

We began each show with a grand welcome:  “Hello and welcome to Lakeville South’s Science Show 2013! Tonight I will be your MC….that is MC△T. During the next two hours, we will guide you through Moley Potter’s Chemistry Quest. Our line­up for tonight includes the Hydrogen Rocket, Vortex Cannon, Boo Bubbles, Flying Fish, Flaming Snowballs, Grain Elevator and much more. See before your eyes 140 film canisters shoot in the air, 20 balloons explode into fire, and a 50 gallon barrel implode with a few squirts of water…and let’s hope the electric pickle actually works! Put on your seatbelts and prepare to take a ride with us through pops, sizzles, crashes, and well…chemistry!”Swordfight

We are the AP Chemistry students (and ACS ChemClub members!) at Lakeville South High School. We performed 33 experiments in the amazing, the magnificent, the life-­altering Lakeville South Science Show (a.k.a. Chem Demo Day). Over the course of five November days we planned and perfected the most amazing display of chemistry the world has ever seen, with a Harry Potter twist.”

SnowstormAudience member Maddie (a 6th grader) said after the show, “It was way cooler than I expected. It really makes me excited to take chemistry in high school.” Lisa King, AP English teacher at LSHS commented, “I thought Chem Demo was great. I brought my 6th grade daughter for the second year in a row. She asked if she could bring a friend this year because it was so great the year before. I think that it does a lot to show younger kids how ‘cool’ science is and how many older kids are interested in it. The weekend after the show, she and the friend figured out how to make “monster toothpaste” and made several batches.”

It wasn’t only spectators that enjoyed DryIcethe Science Show. Current AP Chemistry
student (and talent behind Boo Bubbles), Annika Tureson, explained, “The demo was definitely the best thing we’ve done in AP Chem. It was super fun to do hands-­on experiments and teach others about chemistry.”

The 2013 Chem Demo went down in the books as a huge success…definitely thermodynamically favored. It is undoubtedly an experience we will never forget. Although a few presenters took away some scrapes and bruises, and one slightly singed shirt, no one will ever forget the message…Chemistry for Life.


Lakeville South High School Science Show


Glow stick dance
Students perform a glow stick dance

From explosions to walking on water, the Lakeville South science show has it all!

It was so much more than the amazement and wonder that took place on stage. Behind the scenes, we students put our time and energy into pulling the entire show together making sure we have all the equipment and props that we need and getting ready to perform it on stage.

The coolest part about the show from a student’s perspective is probably that it is so much more than just a bunch of science demos. It is a learning experience that we will never forget!

We not only have the opportunity to learn the science behind each of the demos (which certainly is helpful when we later have to learn the curriculum), but it is a “show” after all. We can have fun with it and animate our demos. It engages the audience more and adds a factor of interest in the science behind it all. We get to take a day off from our normal classes and have fun with each other showing off our awesome science skills, while still remaining in an academic atmosphere!


The hosts of the show!
The hosts of the show!
The kinetics of elephant toothpaste!
The kinetics of elephant toothpaste!

Chemistry Magic Show

Wizardry 101, the Vineland High School South ChemClub, Vineland, N.J., performs a chemistry magic show every year for the district elementary students. As you can see from the pictures, the show is full of wizards and lots of magical chemistry.

This is such a large event that they were in the local newspaper, as well as having the show broadcast on a local TV station.