Tanque Verde Fundraiser

Tanque Verde ChemClub

Tanque Verde High School (TVHS) ChemClub in Tucson, AZ, joined the ChemClub program in April of this year, so we only had a week to participate in the Coins for Clean Water project.  Our ChemClub joined forces with the TVHS Student Council to organize the collection.  

Empty water bottles with information about the drive were placed in all classrooms on Monday, April 22.  We demonstrated how the purification packets work by adding the content of the packet to “dirty water” made by mixing some of the soil with the tap water.  The demonstration was viewed throughout the day by all chemistry students.  Coins were gathered at the end of the day on Friday, April 26th, and again on Tuesday, April  30th.  Student Council has helped us with counting of the donations. We collected $77.40 during the fundraisernot bad for just a week of work!

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