The Martian Virtual Book Club

You’re stranded.

Not much to eat. You’re injured. Someone took your ride. No way to contact someone to come pick you up. No one else around.

What next?

Oh, has anyone mentioned that you’re on Mars?

Share character Mark Watney’s experience as he fights for survival in Andy Weir’s book The Martian. Will he be able to survive? How can he use science to solve his problems?

Join the Club!

Current ACS ChemClubs are invited to participate in this year’s Virtual Book Club.


Recruit Readers

Get a rough estimate of how many students from your Club will participate in the Virtual Book Club. The February 2017 resource packet has a color flier you can post in your classroom, along with an information sheet to share with Club members. You can also download the flier and info sheet.

Sign Up

Club advisors can register their Clubs (it’s free!) by March 1, 2017.

Domestic Clubs who participate will receive an Amazon gift card of up to $50 to help offset the cost of buying copies of the book.

Order the Book

We suggest you order the classroom edition of The Martian. It’s been edited to reduce offensive language so it’s more appropriate for classroom use. It also includes a discussion with the author about his thoughts on the science that went into the book and questions to consider.

What will our ChemClub’s Virtual Book Club do?

  • Read the first 37 pages of the book. (Don’t let us hold you back from reading past this cliffhanger section though!)
  • Consider and discuss questions about the book. We’ll send a reading guide with suggestions.
  • Put your problem solving skills to the test like Watney. We’ll send an activity to try.
  • Pose questions related the book and the science it presents and send them to ACS. Experts will answer selected questions.
  • Connect with other ChemClubs in April/May in a virtual discussion about the book.

What are you waiting for? Join in this year’s Virtual Book Club. Help bring The Martian home!

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