TONS of FUN in Seminole High School Chem Club!

This has been a very exciting year so far for the Seminole High School Chemistry Club in Seminole, Florida. This is the third year of our school having an ACS ChemClub and we have performed very fun and interesting experiments this year. During our first meeting, we made boats out of cardboard and put a in soap solution to propel the boat forward.

Dry Ice-Cream

We often utilize our school’s Innovations Lab to conduct our experiments. We used the Innovations Lab for our second experiment, which involved making dry ice ice cream. In this experiment we made our own ice cream with milk, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and dry ice. The end result was great and the ice cream was very tasty!

Designer Shirts

We also used the Innovations Lab for our third and most recent lab of this school year, where we made our club t-shirts. We used bleach to design shirts and do “reverse tie dye.” The end results of our shirts were good and everyone had a lot of fun working on them. The materials we have received through the American Chemical Society have been a massive help for developing our club and we have also been able to design labs that were made possible with your help!

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