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We received almost 80 tweets, but we have narrowed them down to 16.  If you like any of the following (which are in no particular order), leave a comment below:

  1. I see chemistry when I melt cheese for macaroni and cheese #yummyscience #seechemistry
  2. Life is like chemistry, you can make a hypotheses but you’ll never know the truth till you experiment. #seechemistry
  3. Chemistry is in everything. It’s in the biggest of things & smallest of things. Our lives are chemistry. #ScienceIsAwesome #seechemistry
  4. Chemistry, you’re like my ex-even when I try to avoid you, you’re everywhere! #seechemistry
  5. Chemistry is in everything. Can’t deny it & can’t hide from it. It’s in food, your body, sports & especially Chemistry class! #seechemistry
  6. When I drink water #dihydrogenmonoxide #seechemistry
  7. When I break a cold pack before putting it on an injury #ammoniumchloride #endothermic #seechemistry
  8. When I recharge my batteries and the voltaic cell reaction inside reverses #redox #seechemistry
  9. My teacher threw sodium chloride at me. It was a salt! #seechemistry
  10. My finger turned green from my ring today. #chemicalreactions #chemistryproblems #seechemistry
  11. As summer approaches, I use Nair on my legs; calcium thioglycolate weakens hair by breaking keratin’s disulfide bonds #seechemistry
  12. When I take out a bottle of salad dressing from the fridge and the oil is separated #nonpolarmolecules #immiscible #seechemistry
  13. When I use baking soda to extinguish grease stove fires #badcook #goodchemist #seechemistry
  14. *Correction* Where don’t I see chemistry? #seechemistry
  15. In everything I wondered about as a kid-from glow sticks to boiling water-I finally understand how these things work #seechemistry
  16. Chemistry quenches our thirst! It’s in flowing liquid lemonade or electrolyte filled Gatorade or bubbly carbonated drink. #seechemistry

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