University School of Jackson’s 2 Big Activities This Year!

We were brainstorming about how to get the students interested in REALLY supporting the Coins for Cleaner Water effort.  We did a PowerPoint presentation at a school assembly and showed the time-lapse video of the water being cleaned.  Our ChemClub collects dues of $5 each year, and we decided to use that money to provide a chocolate fountain with all the trimmings to the winning teacher to have in her room for the day.   The contest was run in all the science classes, as all students have to take four years of science in high school.  The students were so excited!  We had the fountain in the winning teacher’s classroom―unfortunately it wasn’t mine―on the day the students returned from spring break.  It made the day more fun!!

Another project we did this year was to make science kits for teachers at a local elementary school that has a high percentage of economically-disadvantaged students.  The ChemClub students divided into groups and came up with a cool science experiment.  They collected all the supplies and wrote up a procedure with questions (including answers/explanations) for the teacher to ask his/her students.  All their supplies and instructions had to fit into a gallon-size ziplock bag.  They made 28 bags to provide a science kit to every teacher at that school.  Each individual kit contains 12 science experiments – with all the necessary supplies except water and paper towels.

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